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We help startups and companies of all sizes, utilize the capabilities of blockchain technologies. Building software since 2011, we’ve applied our combined expertise in creating innovation that brings new levels of openness, productivity, and automation to our clients' business processes.

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What we offer

From smart contracts to dApps, we offer application development that suits your needs

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Web3 dApp development

Crafting dApps on Layer1 (Ethereum, Solana, etc.) & Layer2 (Optimism, Starknet, etc.) chains for seamless deployment and decentralized solutions.

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Smart contract development

NFT, NFT Marketplaces, Tokenization, Decentralized Exchanges, AMM, with smart contracts.

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Web3 consultation

Unlock insights into web3: What, Why, and How, for strategic integration and transformative outcomes.

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Smart contract auditing

Find and fix architecture issues, coding errors, and security vulnerabilities with our auditing partners.

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Token Economics

Fund your project with tokenomics. Tokens help you drive scalability, fight inflation, and build utility within your ecosystem.

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DAO consultation

Build organisations without a traditional hierarchy. Automate management and administrative functions with smart contracts.

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Quality assurance

Ensuring your software meets standards via testing, QA processes, and continuous enhancement for optimal performance and user satisfaction.

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Code Due Diligence

Trust our software expertise for thorough software due diligence, ensuring reliable performance and strategic investment decisions for your business.

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Our Customer Testimonials

Quote MarkIf you seek consultation on cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Web3, I highly recommend CypherX.

Quote MarkWe were thoroughly impressed by CypherX's competence and dedication throughout the implementation of our multichain NFT marketplace.

Quote MarkCypherX helped us build an amazing blockchain dApp for our NFT project. I couldn’t be more impressed!

Quote MarkReally enjoyed working with the team at CypherX. They’re competent, professional, and really go out of their way to create a quality product.

Quote MarkCypherX saved us a lot of time in getting our app off the ground. There was some impressive talent shown throughout.

CypherX is Here to Help You...


Understand your customers

Get insights into how your customers are using your products to make them more efficient and scale them faster.


Grow your community

Collaborate with other developers, easily integrate changes, easily answer their questions.


Show, not just tell

Create a sophisticated brand built on a robust system that’s interactive, easy to use, and personalised for every user.


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From ideation to design and development, whether personal project or enterprise-grade, we want to help you create the next big tech breakthrough.

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