CypherX was conceived after working extensively in Information Technology, Blockchain, and Software Development. We wish to deliver smart and efficient solutions to our customers as we explore the brand new world of blockchain technology.

Our experience has taught us that creativity and inspired-thinking must be an integral part of any organisation that wants to continually push its horizons and embrace success.

Presently, we are working to expand our Data & Analytics technology to be used at the heart of cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

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CypherX was founded to deliver high quality software at a reasonable budget.

Who we are

Dr. Gökcen Bas

Dr. Gökcen Bas

Co-founder Industry 4.0 & Blockchain Consultant

University lecturer. Researcher. Background in high stake project management, manufacturing in industry 4.0, technology-enhanced learning, nanometrology, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, artificial intelligence, management system modeling.

Selim Erünkut

Selim Erünkut

Co-founder Software Engineer & Fullstack Developer

Background in software development, cryptocurrency technologies and business intelligence, passionate about the dynamics of technological innovation.