The Story of On-Chain Governance

On-Chain Governance, use cases in the form of a story

February 23, 2023

The Story of On-Chain Governance

The community of xyzDAO was facing a problem. They had lots of ideas, but no way to formalize them and turn them into reality. That was until they discovered jokedao. With jokedao, they could finally bring their ideas to life through decentralized governance.

The first step was to conduct regular "pulse checks" to see what kind of projects the community wanted to prioritize. Members could submit their ideas, and the community could vote on their favorites. This would give the builders a sense of which projects to develop fuller proposals around, with a far greater likelihood of consensus and success given the early pulse check.

After the pulse check, xyzDAO would hold a contest for the best proposal to tackle the top priority. Members could submit fuller proposals on the best way to proceed, and then vote on their favorites, reaching soft consensus through governance about how to move forward.

But what happens when different objectors to a proposal form a block of no voters? With jokedao, a contest creator could submit a proposal as a prompt, and the community could submit alternate versions in response. The community would form consensus around the best version of the proposal that would be most likely to pass a final vote, and the builder would just need to agree to the community's terms as well.

It was a brilliant system, and xyzDAO flourished. Builders could develop proposals that were most in line with the community's vision, and the community could submit alternate versions of proposals to build consensus around the best version. With jokedao, xyzDAO was able to generate greater consensus and alignment around proposals, making it easier for everyone to work together towards a common goal.

But as always, with great power comes great responsibility. xyzDAO knew they had to be careful with jokedao, or risk the consequences of misusing it. But for now, they were happy to have a tool that helped them achieve their goals in a decentralized, democratic way.

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inspired by: Using jokedao for soft consensus in governance