The Risks of Using Bitcoin Mixers on TOR and How SSL Stripping Can Put You in Danger

Dangers of using Bitcoin mixers on TOR, where SSL stripping can intercept traffic and lead to the loss of money

February 15, 2023

The Risks of Using Bitcoin Mixers on TOR and How SSL Stripping Can Put You in Danger

Bitcoin mixers can be a useful tool for those looking to anonymize their participation in cryptocurrency transactions. However, using TOR to access these mixers can be risky. Up to 25% of all TOR exit nodes have been taken over by attackers who are using a technique called SSL stripping to intercept traffic to specific destinations, such as Bitcoin mixers.

SSL stripping is a method where an intermediary between you and the final site, such as an exit node, can intercept the traffic that's outgoing. The proxy can send a fake connection to the sites you want to connect to and then strip out the SSL, sending it back to you as a clear HTTP connection. This forces your connection to degrade and strips the encryption, making your details and information traveling in the clear and modifiable. Attackers can use this technique to substitute the destination address, causing you to send money to the wrong place and lose your money.

This attack was mostly successful for quite a while until the exit nodes were disconnected. However, it's still very much possible at any point in time. To prevent falling victim to this kind of attack, it's essential to take necessary measures, such as avoiding using TOR to access Bitcoin mixers or using a trusted VPN provider that encrypts all internet traffic. Always research and double-check the security of the tools you use and be vigilant against potential threats to protect your cryptocurrency transactions.

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inspired by: Aantonop's Livestream Session - Decentralized Exchanges